The Red Stone Ring


Jewelry can be a difficult matter. Even more so when in need of that special item to complete a concept.
Luckily, I was able to secure this precious gem well in time to conceive the outfits around it.

Buying Fabrics


I was quite lucky earlier this week when finding the silks I was intending to buy for this year’s shirts to be 15% off in the apparently still ongoing winter’s sale, leaving me a little bit perplexed at first as I had never expected them to include the high-caliber fabrics they carry all year through into the season’s discount, but making me gladly accept the gesture that made a most welcome contribution accumulated over the meters.

Fresh Silks

Friday’s Secondary Outfit


Concept Friday Secundary Outfit

The first concept I am sharing is a couture inspired classic two piece suite out of black suede with black satin insets. These insets form the side panels of the jacket between the angular breast and back seams to introduce a bit of contrast play in a otherwise monotonous outfit. Reusing the satin for the lapels, cuffs and martingale finishes the garment while connecting to the pleaded collar and volants of the silk shirt underneath.
Breaking this dark harmony is a set of red ties keeping these black pleads from falling open. The red is supposed to match the hair and will in all probability return in the makeup. The likewise colored stone in the lavish silver ring finishes the concept together with the addition of a double chained pocket watch.



Discipulus, Februari 2011As my illustrations are getting better and I’m starting to feel confident my efforts might be perceived as interesting, I decided to document my work, producing clothing to wear to the upcoming Wave Gotik Treffen Festival.

Initially visiting for the bands, I got captured by the fashion spectacle the WGT is – much more than other festivals – a haven to. Challenged by the magnificent works of personal expression wandering the Agra grounds, I succumbed to the urge to realize my own vision of high-end Gothic design in clothing.

After trying about a bit, finding out what I could do and being seemingly successful at it, I decided to go all out this year and prove myself by creating five distinct outfits for both me and my companion, by bundling sights, that have touched and shaped me through my life, with my own visions of form and beauty.

Routinely documenting the design choices and motives behind my work seemed most practical, both as a form of schedule to maintain for myself as well as an antiphon to the many questions that remain unasked over the restrictive time of a festival.

For all these reasons, I invite you, my dear visitor, to submit any remark you might have concerning the articles written, may they be critical observations or appreciative ponderings.
In return, I will do my best to clarify myself.


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