Silver Slivering



Upholstering and old design with strings of metallic silver trim sewn precariously along the seams and edges through tiny hoop stitches that create a fresh, streamlined look to go well with cyber and armor style outfits.

Hidden Snappers


OpusRelinqueFinishing-2013-09-15-BTo comply with standards in the esthetic as well as the functional, the closing of the Battlesuit‘s leather flow-panels is worked into a two-layer mechanism.

After strategically sewing on decorated buttons with a nice industrial look to them, the yarn-tied knot on the leather’s wrong side becomes the placemark for a strong male press button, that can be sewn tight, invisibly, under the coverage of its right side shield. The underlying layer begets the female half of the fastener, allowing it to pop open under excessive force instead of wearing down or ripping under the weight of the material like a buttonhole would.

Grey Wools


The for an upcoming project acquired wool fabrics: two that go splendidly well together in shade, texture and composition yet show off a clear contrast; a thin and ridgit light grey and a deep warm supple charcoal.


Veil Window



Merging two layers of translucent fabric into a free flowing brocade window, worked into the backpanel of the cape; fixing pre-angled trimline and strengthening interfacing onto the construction within the process.


New Chapter, New Updates


After each chapter comes a moment of peaceful solitude in which I like to distance myself from the writing and re-regard the blog for the little system that it is, by updating the wordpress core and its many plugins while adding something new to start fresh with; a photoshoot result widget-slider high up on the main page.

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