Photo Shoots

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Xelorian-arts Shoot: With lack of scheduling on thursday during the 2012 WGT, the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Xelorian Arts presented itself, at which we've made good use of the unexpected weather conditions to shoot a high-contrast series, set at Leipzig's most famous fountain, from where we went on to the older contours of the city to produce these intriguing depictions of some of my more delicate works.

Augustusplatz Area Shoot - Leipzig, 24 May 2012
Gothic RPG armored outfitEdge fantasy J-goth settingNeko wasteland harajuku fashiontestFuturo-gothic armor fashionLARP space knight armorsilk gothic pleated boy\'s shirtElegant Gothic and Harajuku Gothic fashion for mengreen haired j-goth fashionPhotos by Alexander Talmann, © Xelorian Arts 2012, all rights reserved.

Wave Gotik Treffen photoshoot