Photo Shoots

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Pfingstgeflüster Shoot: On june 9, I had the opportunity of doing the first official photo-shoot presenting my own designs, which brought us to discover the monumental hallways of the early twentieth century "Neues Rathaus", built upon the foundations of the old Pleissenburg castle; a perfect setting to showcase our thursday outfits, with the result from this fruitfull experience appearing in the 2011 printed issue of Pfingstgeflüster, an annual publication that documents all the various aspects of the Wave Gotik Treffen.

Pfingstgeflüster Shoot - Leipzig, 9 June 2011
Elegant Gothic in Leipzig town hallDiscipulus in white Elegant Gothic Aritocrat look, 2011The Noli, Leipziger Neues Rathaus during WGTThe Noli, jeans, leather and chains harajuku outfit.ELegant Gothic Aristocrat photographed on marble staircaseElegant Gothic Aristocrat, sleeveles coat and pleated shirt design.Victorian Gothic ruffled shirt and jabotElegant Gothic Aristocrat horned statuePhotos by Marcus Rietzsch, © Pfingstgeflüster, 2011 all rights reserved.

The Team, Upper hall Neues Rathaus, Leipzig